Monday, November 30, 2015

Way To Read A Mac Formatted External Hard Disk Drive

Way To Read A Mac Formatted External Hard Disk Drive

Recently a friend of mine pass me a hard disk and I can read it. After I check with him, then only I know he use it on Mac. Mac use another file system which Windows System cannot detect. So I google and find a solution from 

I installed the Free

HFSExplorer – Free

1. Download the HFSExplorer from the link above
2. Install the HFSExplorer ( if you don't have Java Runtime Enviroment, do install it first)
3. Connect your Mac Formatted Harddisk
4. Open HFS Explorer and go to file -> Load File system from Device -> Select a Device and choose the devise t -> Load 

Note: You can only view the file inside the system and cannot change it inside the harddisk. You have to extract it out on your Window drive then only you can change it from there.

The other 3 ways i didn't try but this is a summary and review from some of the comment on the page:

2. Paragon HFS+ for Windows – $20, 10-Day Free Trial 

- got problem with the software not recommended as mentioned in the above site comment column.

3. MacDrive – $50, 5-Day Free Trial3

- A more pricier option but it work as per mentioned by other inside the comment column.

4. Format the Drive and Erase Its Contents

Another option which I think is a good solution also format it or when you use start to use the Harddisk format it at Fat32 file system But FAT32 file system only can support up to 4GB file size
One of the person recommended format it to exFat rather than FAT32, and I check out exFat will be a better choice than FAT32 due to big file video size we having currently. 

5. Other ways? 
If you have other and better ways do let us know.

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