Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Customizing Fan and Business Pages on Facebook

Tips on customizing your fan and business pages on facebook, original link is here

Table of contents
  • 1. Discovering Facebook Pages
  • 2. Creating a Username and Adding Photos
  • 3. Apps to Add Custom Content
  • 4. Apps to Add Social Features
  • 5. Create Custom Tabs with iFrame Apps
  • 6. Create Custom Tabs from Scratch
  • 7. There’s More Ways to Customize

1. Discovering Facebook Pages

You probably have a Facebook profile, but does your band, business or client have a Facebook Page? Pages are a great way to connect with fans and consumers, and we're going to show you how to customize and maximize your FB Page.
Social networking king Facebook is one of the most visited websites in the world. It has over 500 million active users with 50% logging in daily, and users spend over 700 billion minutes per month using the service. While you and most of your friends and family have a Facebook profile, Facebook Pages - whether for a business, organization, band, group, cause, or celebrity – are something entirely different. Pages can help in marketing and awareness, as well as customer and fan communication.
Your Facebook Page can serve as a website where you can display your business or organization details and keep customers or fans up-to-date with happenings, new products, and other news. When Facebook users “Like” your Page, they’ll see your posts in their News Feed, plus their friends will be notified in their News Feed that you “Like” a specific Page. Given that the average user has 130 friends, the potential exposure and buzz is something to be desired, for sure.

Monday, November 21, 2011

39 Business Apps for your Facebook Pages

There are so many ways you can enhance your Facebook Page by adding applications.
Here are 39 business applications for your Facebook Page.
Social RSS 39 Business Apps for your Facebook Page
Social RSS by Social Revitalizer
Social RSS allows you to add your blog/favourite RSS feeds to your wall, boxes tab or a dedicated tab on your profile or Facebook Page. It updates automatically and lets your readers subscribe to the feeds if they wish!
Payvment E Commerce Storefront 39 Business Apps for your Facebook Page
Payvment E-Commerce Storefront by Payvment, Inc.
Launch a professional full-featured e-commerce storefront on Facebook. Features built-in search enabling millions of Facebook users to discover your storefront and products. Plus the storefront and shopping cart supports over 20 world currencies.
easypromos 39 Business Apps for your Facebook Page
Easypromos by Omatech
Easypromos is an application to add promotions to your Facebook page. Manage and customize your own promotions. Create exclusive promos for your fans and launch competitions for your users and let them vote for the winners. Welcome Tab 39 Business Apps for your Facebook Page Welcome Tab by
Build your FANBASE.
Get your 1st time visitors to “Like” your Page. Design and publish your Welcome Tab in minutes. No FBML or HTML required.
eSocialStore  39 Business Apps for your Facebook Page
eSocialStore by Bilginet
eSocialStore is a special Facebook application for HemenAl e-commerce platform members to transfer their products to transfer fan pages.

Monday, November 14, 2011

10 Apps to Make Your Facebook Page More Engaging.

Another great info for your facebook page, original link is here

welcome 10 Apps to Make Your Facebook Page More Engaging.
No one likes a Facebook Page that is barren and boring least of all the people who pressed that ‘Like’ button. This post will share 10 apps that will help make your Page more engaging.
The Facebook Pages apps are just like the apps on your Facebook Profile, nothing tricky about it at all. If you manage a Page, I highly recommend adding apps from the list below to quickly and effortlessly make your Page more interesting.
Welcome Tab For Pages: Showcase just about anything in your Page, from profiles and businesses to products and upcoming events. It’s an ideal way to make a great first impression. It also comes with its own analytics and metrics, so that you can track and measure how your Welcome tab is being received and make adjustments accordingly.
Twitter for Pages: There are a few Twitter apps on Facebook however most of them break frequently or are made for Profiles and not Pages. However there is a good Twitter for Pages called Involver. It’s quick and easy to install, just add and you’re done. It’s a simple way to bring your Twitter stream into a tab of its own and keep people connected to your Tweets from Facebook.
Flickr: Showcase your photo stream with this pretty app. Add it to your Page and the tab will display multiple collections. You can select either set or collection view. It also plans to allow further customization in the future. There are 180,000 active users for this app and you can also add it to your profile. Just hit the, Add to My Page button.
flickr 10 Apps to Make Your Facebook Page More Engaging.
EventBrite LOGO 300x200 10 Apps to Make Your Facebook Page More Engaging. Eventbrite: If you host/promote events, then you should consider adding this app. It’s created by the online event management and ticketing services company of the same name and publishes an event tab on your Facebook Page, with your event details and a link to buy tickets. Additionally there are options to share/retweet the event in newsfeeds and Facebook Profiles.

Monday, November 7, 2011

4 Essential Facebook Page Apps to Improve Communication With Fans

Another good info from Mashable, original post please link here:

This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business.
The number of Facebook applications can seem a little overwhelming at times. While Facebook doesn’t share an exact number, an independent website called AppData monitors trends for over 100,000 Facebook applications, which is a lot to sift through.
As a business, trying to determine which of those apps can help your organization can be daunting. To get you started, here are four essential Facebook apps that allow you to better reach and communicate with your audience, as well as save you time for all those other things you have to do.

1. Tweets to Pages — Display Your Twitter Feed

Tweets to Pages, which has 1.2 million monthly active users, will create a tab on your Facebook Page that displays a timeline of your company’s most recent tweets. This is a great feature for providing additional, real-time information to Facebook users who don’t have a Twitter account and for avoiding the annoyance your fans would feel if you were to constantly stream your tweets to Facebook as wall updates. The app is very easy to set up, and the free version allows you to adjust the number of tweets that show on the Tweets to Pages tab.
If you want to upgrade to the paid version, you can better control your content limits, choose a color scheme, add a banner and allow comments on your tweets.

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