Saturday, November 21, 2009

Free Seminar Worth RM4188.00 for Making Money

Get this new from Roseli Bakar blog... You can get a free pass . Thank you Roseli for sharing this information.

In this seminar, you will learn:-

• Proven methods to create cash flow from those who have achieved success in creating consistent positive cash flow

• How to create a step-by-step plan that can help you achieve positive cash flow and be on your way to being a millionaire

• To find out what are some of the pitfalls that people fall into which prevent them from creating cash flow, and how to overcome them

• To derive a money management system that anyone can apply whether you have US$1,000 or US$1 million

• How to invest in the 4 asset classes – Alternative Assets, Business, Property and Trading, to produce positive consistent cash flow to retire with

About The Trainer:

Tan Yang Po has transformed a business from US$3 million to US$128 million in just 5 years, spanning a network over 52 countries. She was also the Director of Yves Saint Laurent Beaute, Asia Pacific. During that time, she oversaw 22 countries in the region.

Yang Po authored the book, “Cash Your Passion: What Text Books Don’t Teach About How to Start and Manage Successful Businesses”.

Yang Po now owns 2 businesses – Azea Personal Coaching and Azea Property Investment.

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What are you waiting for???

“Be A Cash Flow Millionaire”

Venue: The Federal, Kuala Lumpur

Date: 28-29 November 2009

Time: 9am to 6pm

Go to Be A Cashflow Millionaire Registration Page or call 02- 6532 2920 and get your Be A Cashflow Millionaire ticket worth RM$4,188 NOW!

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Received Paypal Money in Any Malaysia Bank Account

It's really a good news for all Malaysian. Thanks to Paypal for this and Liewcf for sharing this info with us.
Below is the guide to received your money in Any Malaysia Bank Account:

Now, Malaysians can send & receive PayPal money in Malaysia Ringgit (MYR) currency, and withdraw PayPal money to local bank accounts!

Meaning, you can sell your stuff online and let PayPal handle the payment transactions, local or International! It truly opens a new door to Malaysia e-commerce business!

Note: Malaysians still cannot top-up their PayPal accounts from their bank accounts.

How to add Malaysia bank account to PayPal?

  1. Login your PayPal account. Under “My Account” tab, click “Profile” then click “Add/Edit Bank Account“.
  2. At the new page “Add a bank account in Malaysia“. You need to fill in your name, bank name, bank routing code, and your bank account number.

    add malaysia bank account to PayPal

    Updated: Don’t need to worry about the fixed “Surname” in the form. Just make sure your full name is included. The name’s arrangement (Surname Name or Name Surname) doesn’t matter. Click here for more information.

    Tip: click on the “Details” link to find out your bank’s routing code

  3. After you are done, you will be asked to review the details. Click “Add Bank Account” button if everything is correct.
  4. You are done!

How to withdraw PayPal money to Malaysia bank account?

  1. In your PayPal account, click on “Withdraw” under “My Account” tab. Then, click “Withdraw to your bank account” link under the options.

    Note: It will take 2-3 business days to process the PayPal to Bank transaction. Withdrawal over RM400 is free of charge. If less than RM400 is withdrawn, PayPal will charge you RM3.00.

  2. At the new page “Withdraw funds“, enter the amount in USD you want to withdraw and select the destination bank account.

    withdraw paypal money to Malaysia bank account

    Tip: Click on the “Currency converter” link to check the current PayPal currency conversation rate.

    Click on “Continue” button to review your withdrawal information.

  3. At the next page, make sure everything is correct before you click on the “Submit” button.

    PayPal charge RM15 if the funds are returned because your bank information is incorrect or does not match!

    After you clicked on the “Submit” button. Your withdrawal request is pending to process.

  4. Wait 2-3 business day and the PayPal money should be in your selected Malaysia bank account! Cha-ching!

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