Thursday, July 24, 2008

Google Lively - Create an avatar and chat with your friends in rooms you design

Google launch another new services for user called lively. It work quite similar like second life. It is a new way for you to interact with friends and meet new friends. Go check it out at . Below is some features of lively.

Use Lively to Create an avatar and chat with your friends in rooms you design

Create your own virtual space

Chat and interact with your friends in rooms you design

Express yourself

Customize your avatar and stream personal photos and video

Add your room to your site

Invite your friends to chat and help decorate

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

How to Open or Convert .odt files (Open Office) to Microsoft Word ?

If you download a file with a .odt file extension this is an open office file format. Unfortunately, Microsoft Office didn't support this type of file. So you can only open it with an Open Office Software or ask your friend to save the file to .doc (Microsoft Words) format. This ways it take some time for you to download the software or ask your friend to convert the file format for you.

.odt is the default file format of documents written in the equivalent of Microsoft Office. OpenOffice does have the ability to “Save As” regular .doc Word files, but many people tend to save as the default .odt.

Anyhow, if you have such an .odt file you want to open with Microsoft Word. The best solution would be to use the excellent online file converter: Media Convert.

This fantastic tool lets you quickly and easily upload your .odt file and save it as a regular .doc file which can be opened with Microsoft Word.

By the way, this online tool offers an amazing range of different media files it supports and able to convert!
So bookmark this: Media Convert !

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How to Make Office 2000, XP & 2003 read the new Office 2007 file format

For those who want to read the New Office 2007 file type for Word, Excel and Powerpoint, using your existing Office 2000, Office XP or Office 2003. You can try download this MS Office 2007 compatibility pack for Word, Excel and PowerPoint (it is free!) . Rather than using the save as method (ask the user of Ms Office 2007 to save the file format to office 97-2003 compatible format). this method you will love to try out. So far I have installed it and try it out on my office 2003. It work fine and can opened the new office word file. Download the compatible pack here.

System Requirements

  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000 Service Pack 4; Windows Server 2003; Windows Vista; Windows XP Service Pack 1; Windows XP Service Pack 2
  • Recommended Microsoft Office programs:
    • Microsoft Word 2000 with Service Pack 3, Microsoft Excel 2000 with Service Pack 3, and Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 with Service Pack 3

    • Microsoft Word 2002 with Service Pack 3, Microsoft Excel 2002 with Service Pack 3, and Microsoft PowerPoint 2002 with Service Pack 3

    • Microsoft Office Word 2003 with at least Service Pack 1, Microsoft Office Excel 2003 with at least Service Pack 1, and Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 with at least Service Pack 1

    • Microsoft Office Word Viewer 2003

    • Microsoft Office Excel Viewer 2003

    • Microsoft Office PowerPoint Viewer 2003


To install this download:
  1. Ensure your system is up to date by installing all High-Priority/Required updates on Microsoft Update (required for Microsoft Office XP and 2003 users).

  2. After installing all High-Priority/Required updates with Microsoft Update, download the Compatibility Pack by clicking the Download button above and saving the file to your hard disk.

  3. Double-click the FileFormatConverters.exe program file on your hard disk to start the setup program.

  4. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.

To remove this download:

  1. On the Windows Start menu, click Control Panel.

  2. Select Add/Remove Programs.

  3. In the list of currently installed programs, select Compatibility Pack for the 2007 Office system and then click Remove or Add/Remove. If a dialog box appears, follow the instructions to remove the program.

  4. Click Yes or OK to confirm that you want to remove the program.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Google Friend Connect - Easy way to add social features to your website

Google is currently trying out this Google Friend Connect, a new and easy for you to add social features to your website.

Google Friend Connect is a service that helps website owners grow traffic by enabling any site on the web to easily provide social features for its visitors. any website owner can add a snippet of code to his or her site and get social features up and running immediately without programming — picking and choosing from built-in functionality like user registration, invitations, members gallery, message posting, and reviews, as well as third-party applications built by the OpenSocial developer community.

More info about Google Friend Connect :


Websites that are not social networks may still want to be social. But the barriers to offering social applications on the site have been considerable. Google Friend Connect changes this by enabling any site to offer dozens of social gadgets created by Google and OpenSocial developers to their visitors. This means more visitors spending more time on a more engaging website -- with absolutely no programming required to make it happen.

What the site owner sees

As a site owner, Friend Connect provides you the ability to add social features to your site, without writing code. Here's how it works.

Google Friend Connect Administration site. The Friend Connect administration site presents a catalog of social gadgets provided by Google and other developers. You choose gadgets based on your site's needs. Simply copy code snippets for these gadgets and paste them as desired into your site.

Google Friend Connect Webmaster Site

Social gadgets created by Google. Google Friend Connect provides a core set of social gadgets such as member management, message board, reviews, and picture-sharing. The key gadget is the members gadget. This gadget provides core social features for your visitors:

  • sign-in with their existing Google, Yahoo, AIM, or OpenID account
  • invite and show activity to existing friends from social networks such as Google Talk, orkut, Plaxo, and more
  • browse member profiles across social networks
  • connect with new friends on your site

Social gadgets created by other developers. For the past year, the developer community has been creating hundreds of applications for OpenSocial, an open standard for social applications. Once you have added Friend Connect to your site, you can offer many of these applications to your users, simply by pasting the relevant snippet into your site.

  • OpenSocial Diagram

Once you have added the members gadget, and the additional social gadgets, your visitors can start inviting their friends and more deeply engage with your site.

Reaping the rewards

Google Friend Connect integrates with contact lists for social networks like Plaxo, orkut, and Google Talk. This means users who join your site are instantly connected with friends who are already members, and can invite friends from other networks to visit. They can opt in to broadcasting their activities to friends in their social networks. A post to your message board, for example, can instantly be visible to people in multiple social networks, along with links leading to your site. These instant networks, combined with the wealth of OpenSocial gadgets, can form potent new online communities, very quickly and very easily.

Federate Social Networks

And when a visitor goes to a second site with Friend Connect, the process is even simpler. The visitor simply clicks "Accept", sets privacy options for the site, and they're in. There's no need to set up their account or link in their social networks again.

Single Click Join

Friend Connect brings friends-of-friends to your site

There are two easy ways for members of your site to bring their friends:

Invitations. Clicking on the invite link presents your visitors with all their contacts and friends from their social networks. Invitations are delivered to friends within their respective social networks.

Activity feeds. Your visitors may also opt-in to publishing activities to their social networks. A post to your message board, for example, can instantly be visible to people in multiple social networks, along with links leading to your site.

Some quick examples

Here, to spark your imagination, are just a few more simple examples. Frankly, we expect the countless developers and site owners to come up with far better ideas:

  • A cooking site - Review a recipe and provide comments which clarify or improve it. Add a recipe to a social recipe box that appears across multiple cooking sites.
  • A musician's site - Post pictures from your latest concert on the band's site, and communicate directly with your fans.
  • An extreme sports site - Play a motor cross game, then compare your score to friends and other site members.
  • An academic site - Discuss and review articles in context with colleagues and the broader community. Filter the discussion to colleagues only, or widen your view. Forge connections with new participants whose comments seem particularly insightful.
  • A shopping site - Read expert reviews and tips right next to the camera you're thinking of buying, and find a friend who has already purchased the same item.
  • A philanthropic site - Cultivate a community around your cause, post pictures at fund raisers, let donors connect, and involve their friends.
  • Your site - ???. We hope you'll have fun experimenting with Google Friend Connect.

Wrapping up

Everyone wins in a friend connected web:

  • You, the site owner - Google Friend Connect gives you a snippet of code that, when put into your site, will equip the site with social features, including the ability to run third-party social applications. Moreover, it enables your visitors to log in with existing credentials, see who among their friends is already registered at that site. It also gives them one-click access to invite friends from their existing friends lists on other sites, such as Plaxo, or orkut.
  • Your site's visitors - Visitors no longer need to create a new account or develop yet another friends list just to use the social applications on your site. We create the infrastructure that allows one login to be used across multiple sites and the ability to reuse existing friend relationships that the visitor has already established elsewhere.
  • OpenSocial developers - With Google Friend Connect, any website on the web can become an OpenSocial container. Their social applications can now run on social networking sites and anywhere else on the web that uses Google Friend Connect. By placing these applications on sites where users already visit, these application will be seen and used by more users more often.
  • Social networks - With Google Friend Connect, social networks thrive as hubs of activity while giving their users more opportunities to bring their friend relationships to other websites while simultaneously bringing their friends and activities from outside the social network back in -- with people having the ability to publish their activities across the web into the activity streams of their social networks.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

What is eyeOS?

For users

eyeOS is a new kind of Operating System, where everything resides on a web browser. With eyeOS, you will have your desktop, applications and files always with you, from your home, your college, your office or your neighbour's house. Just open a web browser, connect to your eyeOS System and access your personal desktop and all your stuff just like you left it last time.

For developers

eyeOS introduces a new way of developing web applications with the eyeOS Toolkit, a class library to help the application development and a group of functions to interactuate with the system. Forget about HTML, JavaScript, User Management, FileSystem and much more. Introduce yourself at eyeOS Development Team today, eyeOS is Open Source Software! Go to developers community...

eyeOS 1.6 Gala Quick Tour - See full tour

The new Desktop

The new eyeOS 1.6 Desktop introduces dozens of usability improvements. With a restyled eyeOS wallpaper, a new common actions bar and some new icons on the desktop, aims to be the perfect default web desktop for everyone.

Discover eyeOS

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