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Malaysia: Traditional MediaThis is a featured page

A good study and statictic about Malaysia Traditional Media by clarestalwj , Original post as the below link site:
Malaysia: Traditional Media - DIGITAL MEDIA ACROSS ASIA

Malaysia: Traditional MediaThis is a featured page


In this section:

Traditional Media
1. Short Background of Traditional Media in Malaysia
2. Newspaper Statistics
3. Radio Statistics
4. TV Statistics

Traditional Media
1) Short Background of Traditional Media in Malaysia

The Printing Presses and Publications Act of 1984 requires all publications in Malaysia to obtain licenses that can be revoked at will by the Minister for Home Affairs. The minister's decisions are final, and there are no judicial reviews available.
UMNO (Malaysia's ruling political party) and its allies in the ruling Barisan National coalition directly own or control all major newspapers, radio and television stations, making it difficult for alternative voices to be disseminated to the public.

The government halted the production of four newspapers in 1987 as they publicised criticism of its policies. As such, the Malaysian press is extremely careful when dealing with Malaysia’s multicultural foundations. To date, there are more than 80 daily and weekly newspapers in various languages such as Malay, English, Chinese and Tamil (size of segment of each newspaper language also in this order).
Though the government advocates freedom of speech and a free press, it is said to restrict the flow of information in practice. Certain issues like citizenship of race outside that of Malays and the extraordinary position of Malays in the social order are considered sensitive and citizens must refrain from discussnig about them. The media generally practices self censorship and often provides optimistic and noncritical reports of governmental activities.

2) Newspaper Statistic

Daily Newspaper (Average net sales per publishing day at published dates)


Sin Chew Daily Chinese 373,579
The Star English 271,948
The Sun English 287,935
Utusan Malaysia Malay 171,164
Berita Harian Malay 159,968
Harian Metro Malay 338,249
Weekend Circulation Language Circulation
Mingguan Malaysia Malay 411,497
Metro Ahad Was Malay 386,433
Berita Minggu Malay 263,199
The Sunday Star English 287,155

Above tables reflect circulation figures for the period ending 30 June 2009.
Credits to: The Audit Bureau of Circulations Malaysia

Newspaper Circulation By Location

Klang Valley (Kuala Lumpur)
1,100,000 copies
243,549 copies
Sarawak 167,149 copies
Peninsular Malaysia 2,471,057 copies

At the end of 2007, the Klang Valley accounted for 40%, or 1.1 million copies, with English newspapers being the most purchased at 43%, followed by Chinese language newspapers (32%) and Bahasa Malaysia dailies (25%), said Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC).

Newspaper Circulation
The total circulation of magazines was 1,536,947, which represented 20% of total magazines published in the country. A bigger figure would be yielded if the rest of the magazines submitted their circulation claims to an audit.

For more information on newspaper circulation, click here.

Today, traditional media in Malaysia is facing a growing threat from online news platforms. According to the Audit Bureau of Circulations Malaysia, the average daily newspaper circulation in the country stood at 2.5 million copies in the end of June 2008, a dip of about 40,000 copies when compared to the previous year.

3) Radio Statistics

Although radio has become a less prominent source of information and entertainment over the last decade, it still remains one of the more popular platforms for Malaysians. According to a Nielsen Company survey, 9 out of 10 Malaysians above 10 years old in peninsular Malaysia listen to radio weekly.

A study found that radio attracts an average audience of about 11.1 percent (1.87 million) in any given 15 minute time slot throughout the day and an average radio listener tunes in for 20.4 hours in a week.

The most popular radio channels in the country include:

Listeners Weekly
1 hotfm 3.8 Million Malay
2 ERA 3.76 Million Malay
3 SINAR 3.73 Million Malay
4 THY Ragaa 3.177 Tamil
5 MYFM 2.167 Chinese
6 988 1.48 Chinese
7 1.287 English
8 Klasic Nasional 1.03 Million Malay
9 Muzikfm 820,000 Malay
10 Kelantanfm 777,000 English

For more information regarding radio, click here.

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