Saturday, September 18, 2010

D-LInk DIR-412 3G Wireless Router cannot detect My Celcom 3G Huawei E-1550 3G Modem

I just bought a D-Link DIR-412 3G Wireless Router for one of my client. He also apply a Celcom 3G package from me. I tested the free 3G modem which is Huawei E-1550 3G Modem. It work fine on my netbook. Later when I plug it into the 3G wireless router and done the setting. It cannot connect to the internet.

I try google it but no answer. So finally, I found the solution for this. Which is upgrading the wireless router to the newest firmware. Please remember to use a wired connection to do the upgrade. I upgrade the firmware from version 1.02 to version 1.08.

You can download the firmware from DLink Site: here

Step to upgrade your firmware.
(Please download the new firmware file and unzip it first)
1. Login to the D-Link DIR-412 Setup Page
2. Go to Tools
3. Go to Firmware
4. Go to Firmware upgrade and click browse and select the unzipped firmware file.
5. Click upload and wait for the process to upload.
6. Then your Huawei E-1550 will work fine.

I think the step will work for other 3G modem too. Please let me know if it do.

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