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Malaysia Mobile Penetration - DIGITAL MEDIA ACROSS ASIA

A good study and statictic about Malaysia Mobile Penetration by clarestalwj , Original post as the below link site:

Malaysia Mobile Penetration - DIGITAL MEDIA ACROSS ASIA

Malaysia Mobile PenetrationThis is a featured page

In this section:

Looking outward: international comparison
1) Mobile phones in ASEAN Countries
2) Mobile phones in 10 biggest trading partners

Looking inward: national statistics on mobile phone users
1) Growth
2) Gender
3) Location
4) SMS
5) 3G subscriptions
6) Type of access

Looking Outward: International Comparison
1) Mobile phones in ASEAN countries (per 100 inhabitants)


85.1% of Malaysians are using mobile phones. In terms of mobile penetration rate, she is in the third position, only behind Singapore and Thailand.
2) Mobile phones in 10 biggest trading partners (per 100 inhabitants)

Compared to her 10 biggest trading partners, Malaysia is trailing behind countries such as Hong Kong and Singapore. However, she is still ahead of Japan, USA, China, and Indonesia.

Looking Inward: National Statistics on Mobile Phone Users
1) Growth (per 100 inhabitants)


By 2009, there were 100.8 mobile phones per 100 Malaysians. This tells us that each Malaysian may own more than one mobile phone.
Compared to 2000, when the penetration rate was a mere 21.8%, the number of mobile phone users in Malaysia has since grown significantly.
2) Gender (per 100 inhabitants)


In the year 20007, there were 56.4% of Malaysian mobile phone users were male, while 43.6% were female. Both male and female showed a similar interest in the use of mobile phone.
3) Location (per 100 inhabitants)


The highest mobile penetration rate can be observed in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. Mobile phone penetration rate stood at 91.4% in 2007 for the capital. This is followed by Melaka and Selangor.
4) SMS


Usage of SMS service peaked at 1713 per mobile subscriptions in 2006. The number dropped to 730 in 2007. The number remained at a low of 756 smses per subscription throughout 2008.
5) 3G subscriptions


Malaysian 3G subscriptions grew tremendously from a mere 427 in 2006, to a whopping 4366 in 2008.
6) Type of Access (per 100 inhabitants)


84.4% of Malaysians used GPRS to access internet via mobile phone. While 16.5% used 3G, 12.1% used WAP service, and only 1.5% used EDGE.

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