Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Foxmark- Sync Your Password and Sync Different PC with Different Profile

Foxmarks 2.5 have added a few new features which I think it is quite useful. With the new foxmarks you can sync your password and sync your different bookmark to different PC using Sync Profiles.

Password Synchronization works silently in the background to make sure that your passwords are the same on all your computers. If you add, remove or update a password on one computer, Foxmarks will make sure that your change will automatically be made on all your other computers as well. It works in a similar manner to bookmark synchronization with two major differences:

  1. Password Synchronization is completely optional and is turned off by default. Foxmarks will ignore your passwords until you decide to synchronize them.
  2. Password Sycnhronization encrypts your passwords using a secret PIN of your choosing before they ever leave your computer. This ensures that nobody but you, not even Foxmarks, can gain access to your passwords.
For More information about Foxmarks Sync Password visit
While Sync Profile makes it easy to keep some bookmarks from syncing to all your computers. If you use different Toolbars at work and at home, or if you have some private bookmarks that you don't want to sync to your work machine, Sync Profiles is your solution.For more infomation about Foxmarks Sync Password & Sync Profile visit http://www.foxmarks.com/

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