Wednesday, October 22, 2008

FOSS.MY 2008 - The World is Just Awesome 2008 is Malaysia’s premier Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) event. It is purely non-commercial event about FOSS. There will be no marketing/sales talks. The vendors will be encouraged to speak on the FOSS technical aspects of their projects/tools.

Date: 8th-9th November 2008
Venue: APIIT, Technology Park Malaysia, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur (map)
Register: RM30 before 25th Oct 08, or RM50 later. Register now!

Below is the presentation and talk during the two days event.:

Presentations and Speakers:
1.Fun Things to do with Asterisk, by Alwin Chan
2.Git: The New Hotness, by Kamal Fariz
3. Hacking on phpMyAdmin (A Google Summer of Code project), by Raj Kissu Rajandran
4.Malaysian Challenges SAP!, by Redhuan Daniel Oon
5.Open Source and the ORCA Screen Reader, by Silatul Rahim Dahman
6.Anatomy of Fedora Kiosk Mode, by James Morris
7.OSS at Behind the Scenes, by Toru Maesaka
8.memcached: Introduction to the Upcoming Goodness, by Toru Maesaka
9.How Linux Gets My Dream Job at IBM, by Fajar Priyanto
10.Linux High-Availability Cluster Presentation and Demo, by Fajar Priyanto
11.How Open Source is accelerating innovation in the field of SaaS and PaaS, by Jerome Gotangco

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