Wednesday, July 23, 2008

How to Open or Convert .odt files (Open Office) to Microsoft Word ?

If you download a file with a .odt file extension this is an open office file format. Unfortunately, Microsoft Office didn't support this type of file. So you can only open it with an Open Office Software or ask your friend to save the file to .doc (Microsoft Words) format. This ways it take some time for you to download the software or ask your friend to convert the file format for you.

.odt is the default file format of documents written in the equivalent of Microsoft Office. OpenOffice does have the ability to “Save As” regular .doc Word files, but many people tend to save as the default .odt.

Anyhow, if you have such an .odt file you want to open with Microsoft Word. The best solution would be to use the excellent online file converter: Media Convert.

This fantastic tool lets you quickly and easily upload your .odt file and save it as a regular .doc file which can be opened with Microsoft Word.

By the way, this online tool offers an amazing range of different media files it supports and able to convert!
So bookmark this: Media Convert !


tami626 said...

Thanks! I had a .odt file from my friend and with MEDIA-CONVERT I converted this file from .odt to .doc in few seconds.

Yaron misterBIT said...

the MediaConverter you mentioned was unbable to convert my ODT file to DOC or to HTML.

Brian Brown, Ph.D. said...

First you have to get rid of the unbable with an unbable converter. This will leave plenty of bable.

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