Monday, May 25, 2015

How to test USB or Com Port Cash Drawer in Command Line.

Customer have a cash drawer and I can't access it thru the POS software, I contacted the Cash Drawer supplier, it test using the following method and another method I get it from internet and tested it also work and able to open the cash drawer here the step:

1)Exit from your application software. 

2)Shell out to the MS-DOS command prompt or restart computer in DOS mode. At the DOS prompt,

3) enter “MODE COMx 96,n,8,1” (excluding the “” marks; x=1 or 2 depending upon which port you are hooked up to).

4a)On the next line enter “TYPE CON>COMx”.
After that, on the next line hold down Ctrl and hit G. Then, hit Enter. The drawer should open if you haven’t changed any of the default switch settings inside the drawer. If this still does not work, make sure the switches are set to their default settings and that the power supply adapter is working. If you get a “Write fault error to COM port”, close any other software that are set to use the same COM port and then try again (check Autoexec.bat file to see if a LPT printer port is redirected to the COM port).
If this test opened the drawer, go back to your application software and check the port settings for COMx, 9600 baud, no parity, 8 bit data and 1 stop bit, and drawer opening code is Ctrl-G (hex 07). You may need to refer to your software user manual or contact your software supplier for assistance.

4b) create a txt file with any word in side ( type 1 in the text file and save as 11.txt on c:\)
Then after step (3) then type copy 11.txt com3, the drawer will open.


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