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10 Apps to Make Your Facebook Page More Engaging.

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welcome 10 Apps to Make Your Facebook Page More Engaging.
No one likes a Facebook Page that is barren and boring least of all the people who pressed that ‘Like’ button. This post will share 10 apps that will help make your Page more engaging.
The Facebook Pages apps are just like the apps on your Facebook Profile, nothing tricky about it at all. If you manage a Page, I highly recommend adding apps from the list below to quickly and effortlessly make your Page more interesting.
Welcome Tab For Pages: Showcase just about anything in your Page, from profiles and businesses to products and upcoming events. It’s an ideal way to make a great first impression. It also comes with its own analytics and metrics, so that you can track and measure how your Welcome tab is being received and make adjustments accordingly.
Twitter for Pages: There are a few Twitter apps on Facebook however most of them break frequently or are made for Profiles and not Pages. However there is a good Twitter for Pages called Involver. It’s quick and easy to install, just add and you’re done. It’s a simple way to bring your Twitter stream into a tab of its own and keep people connected to your Tweets from Facebook.
Flickr: Showcase your photo stream with this pretty app. Add it to your Page and the tab will display multiple collections. You can select either set or collection view. It also plans to allow further customization in the future. There are 180,000 active users for this app and you can also add it to your profile. Just hit the, Add to My Page button.
flickr 10 Apps to Make Your Facebook Page More Engaging.
EventBrite LOGO 300x200 10 Apps to Make Your Facebook Page More Engaging. Eventbrite: If you host/promote events, then you should consider adding this app. It’s created by the online event management and ticketing services company of the same name and publishes an event tab on your Facebook Page, with your event details and a link to buy tickets. Additionally there are options to share/retweet the event in newsfeeds and Facebook Profiles.

My Top Fans: This app shows you who your top fans are for your Page . The application analyzes interactions and calculates who is sharing and engaging the most with you. Having a ‘leader-board’ acts as a reward for active fans and encourages competition from other members to increase engagement to get to the top spot. However make sure that before you publicly display your top fans that people won’t be deterred by it.
topfan 10 Apps to Make Your Facebook Page More Engaging.
Web Profiles: Showcase all your social media profiles with Web Profiles. It has 180 different networks and so likely to have all the networks you are a part of. However if your site is more obscure than common you can instantly add it and feature it in your customized compilation.
My Countdown: Great for building up excitement around new product launches, fancy events, give-aways or just about anything that you have going on with your company. My Countdown can be added to any Page very easily. Its appearance and icons can also be customized to match your brand.
DivShare: Unlimits you from the content you can share. Instead of only sharing just links, DivShare allows you to attach MP3s, images, videos, documents and just about any other type of file that you can think of. You have the option of posting shared files to your Page, adding them to your news feed or choosing to share among groups of people or individuals. Max files size is 200 MB, which is a more than ample file sharing size.
Fan Appz: Fan Appz application is comprised of sub-apps of polls, sweepstakes, promotions and coupons and more. There’s even a convenient gift store that you can set-up to monetize your Page with brand merchandise that people can buy. The advantage of Fan Appz is that instead of having to install individual applications for each one of these functions, you get them all in one central location. This is for the serious social media marketer
Static FBML: This app is found on almost every single must-have Facebook application list and I must also add it. It’s great and lets you customize tabs and content on your Page and transform it into part of your brand. There is a downside though, you need to have some hacking skills (HTML, CSS and Facebook Markup Language) to that you can create the code needed for the content display.

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