Friday, July 8, 2011

DLink DSL-2640B wireless connection problem

Recently I brought a DLink DSL-2640B to replace my client faulty wireless router. When I finish configure the router modem, all the thing is working fine except it can't connect to the internet. At first I thought the password is wrong, but I check with the ISP (TMNet) that my password is correct. I already try to upload another version of firmware but it still can't solve my problem. Hmm weird, then I have no choice to bring the modem back to check.

Later at my office, i use another modem to try out my client username and password, it works. then it must be the modem problem. After I google the web, I found some setting, so I try to follow the setting stated below. Then later I can get the modem to connect to Internet. My problem is the value of my VCI is different. I put VCI = 32, so it cannot connect. After I change it to VCI=35 and other setting as below, then My wireless router can connect now. I wonder what is this VPI and VCI use for?

The setup wizard and interface is not very user friendly compare to other DLink Model modem and it didn't provide Malaysia selection for it setup wizard selection.

Below is the value for setting the modem for TMNet streamyx (Malaysia):

WAN setting.

VPI : 0
VCI : 35
UBR without PCR

Protocol : PPPoE
encapsulation : LLC

ppp username : BLABLABLA@streamyx
authentication : AUTO
MTU size : 1492

Bridge PPPoE Frames Between WAN and Local Ports: true

TICK Obtain default gateway automatically.

basically this will solve your problem.
or you could just use the setup wizard, it's simpler and faster.
be sure that your streamyx ID and password are correct.

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