Friday, November 28, 2008

Barcamp JB is coming...

Barcamp JB is coming on this 6 & 7 December at Menara Cyberport JB. Barcamp is a great event which is a community driven event. I attended Barcamp KL, it is an awesome event. If can take your time to join in to this event. Unfortunately I won't be able to join in this Barcamp JB. ( A lot of Great event and wedding dinner in this few month for me) so for more details about Barcamp JB go to There will be a competition and a iPhone 3G to be won.

Fellow Campers

There is a Free Pre loved almost new Apple iphone 3G to be won. The
thing is sponsored by Ganesh, CEO of MOL Access Portal.

To Win it all you need to do is to promote BarCampJB using any online
media and do blog post about the event itself.

Same rules. It will be based on creativity and amount of post/twits

Make sure you link back to and use the tag "barcampjb"
on your photos, videos and blog post.
Please include BarCampJB's logo in your blog post.

We hope to see some interesting post regarding about BarCampJB and
hope to see you in JB this 6 and 7 Dec.

Winner will be announced after the last session on Sunday 7th Dec and
only applicable for those who are attending the event.
Visit for more info.

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